Timeshare Sales Scam

This bulletin advises you of a scam involving timeshares that may ensnare hapless timeshare owners.


In this scam, perpetrators contact timeshare owners regarding the sale of their timeshare interests.  The timeshares may be located in the United States or other countries.  The perpetrators claim to be brokers who have a buyer for the timeshare, and request a bogus “security deposit” from the seller (the current owner of the timeshare) and/or pre-payment of a fabricated “international tax” from the seller, purportedly to be refunded when the timeshare sale closes.  Sometimes the sellers are instructed to send the payments outside of the country.  There are no actual buyers and the closings do not occur.  The sellers are defrauded of these funds.


Click here for a link to the FBI’s Public Service Announcement describing Timeshare Marketing Scams.


It has come to our attention that perpetrators of this scam have misrepresented themselves as being affiliated with a title company and/or falsely advised the timeshare sellers that the escrow will be handled by a title company office. These perpetrators have used numerous title companies’ name and logo without authorization on the Internet and in various telephone and written communications relating to timeshares.  Please be advised that these perpetrators have no affiliation with Affinity Title Services, LLC or an associated title company.


If you receive an inquiry from a potential timeshare seller relating to the above, please contact Mary-Sue Solley at mss@affinityistitle.com.


If you have any questions relating to this or other bulletins, please contact us at 847-257-8000.